China Mainland (Zhejiang) Host rental service notification

We are glad to inform you that after CloudITIDC mainland China operations team to mainland China more than integrated network, Internet data center, according to the stability of the global network connectivity, network monitoring, we decided to start the lishui city, zhejiang province, the host leasing business.

After long-term communication and negotiation with China telecom and China unicom, we signed a contract with zhejiang lishui telecom operator to enter zhejiang lishui telecom Internet port data center. This is a four-star IDC data center machine room.

Currently, CloudITIDC is cooperating with China telecom and China unicom to access the CT backbone network (AS4134), and the network export is 2*400Gbps backbone link. The data center is equipped with multi-layer hardware protection equipment, which provides the default 60Gbps DDOS protection service for single business hosts, and you can choose higher DDOS attack protection services.

Currently, independent hosting, hosting, and DDOS protection services in the area have been launched. Welcome to the test experience.

CloudITIDC 运营部

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